Tinkerbell 'Fairy' Halloween Makeup Tutorial!



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….JUST REALIZED I posted this on Peter Pan Day…. so WEIRD!! What are the chances… haha


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Hello loves 🙂 A few weeks back I posted a status asking what you all wanted to see for Halloween on Facebook!! I mentioned I already purchased a tinkerbell costume… hence the tutorial 😀 I’ve been looking through and I have tons of ideas! Keep them coming!! I hope you enjoy this video! Make sure to Hashtag #Carlibel so I can see if you recreate my looks! SO SO SO much love!
XO Carli

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  1. Holy crap that was HALF of those thin ass falsies?! You are BLESSED woman… I'd need a triple-tiered-volume-lash-miracle to get these puny shrimpy lashes (what lashes?) anywhere CLOSE to that finished look!

  2. Trying to find this costume too!!!!! I'm pretty sure it's the Leg Avenue classic Tink costume… But I'm not 100% certain because Carli doesn't show us the back… LOVE the makeup 5 stars girl!

  3. i am not crazy about sparkle for eye makeup. if it has a mild shimmer that is barely noticeable i do like that as a added bonus. but my preferences are artistically more of a metallic type finish for the eyes. again in real life no one wears this type of stuff. your look is super hard on not really softened down for possible day to day wear. i don't really see people ever use green as an everyday eye color but it technically is possible. it is just not peoples preference. well it is nice you tried to add some realism with the hair being put in a bun for added simplicity to fit the character you were trying to mimic. the dress as a whole is totally glittered up so you did glam the outfit out. the real tinker bell has well what looks like a mini dress that is tattered at the bottom. or at least that is my understanding interpretation of such. anyways so you just added your own twist of the fantasy you wanted to put yourself in. well the huge difference with alot of adults or teens who wear this type of costume is you don't really have that child like innocence like she does. i don't know if th fairy in those movies are supposed to be adults. with how choppy thier face is it gives them more of a juvenile look and a child like innocence to the twist of what they represent themselves to be in the real world for audiences to judge or be captivated by. their eyes are like super big it reminds you of a kid. your look is so more so for grown ups so it is not something people will naturally gravitate to in again the extreme you take your makeup skills to another level. not to say your creative. your more so just following other ideas of what you see online and just adding a few tweaks to call it your own and sell it to the mainstream folks to make a little money off of. you remind me a little of a nature girl in that green has that type of feel of like a forest or plants like a garden. there is that mild effect just from the color choices you picked. i think the darkness of the green is what gave it that nature look instead of more of a glam look. i think that is what you wanted some representation to what the film was about. part of her duty was to help with spring as her character in the movie. it does not really have a gold or brown tone. it is super green. the sparkles might be golden green. but it is just alot of green all over your body. your matching the eyes with the dress. there is no rule against matching your outfits with your makeup more specifically and coordinated. well i am glad you didn't go overboard with green earrings and green lipstick and green necklace. well i guess you could have tried to make yourself really get involved. but i think you know as a fashion stylist how to really make the look come together with over doing it. well this look screams fun and young as well as different. the amount of shine in this makes it unwearable for most people. i don't know what people wear in costume parties in that i have never been invited. but just a guess is that they don't necessarily always look like you. people like to blend in with one another. then again in halloween alot of people have more variety then most day sod the year so i guess this is something not really original or new. it is not daring in that your going to places wear this type of attire is common place. you use alot of black eyeliner. i understand why eyelashes have to be black. well actually they do have eyelash mascaras that are not black but i have not seen anyone wear it in real life. but again i don't really go out anywhere people will choose more flashy looks. i am very restricted or locked down with how i choose to live or how i am excluded from the world due to my many unfair restrictions and circumstances. i don't expect you to understand. your beauty is your business. i am not trying to advice you on what to do. i am just adding a note how i know that there is colorful eye liners. maybe with all the drama you put to your lids you don't feel that type of extra attention or effort is needed in that you already look like a show off. but anyways back to the eye lines of variety. i know any fashion book you read on makeup for the most part they use the darkest eye shadows. they say black is a safe and traditional probably global international worldwide color used forever from the beginning makeup was invented. so it is just a classic to fall back on. i know you know what other ideas are. i am not trying to school you on what to wear. it is your body your choice. i am just mentioning it. i have not watched all or most of your videos so i don't know if you tried other eyeliners out. you know as well as any beauty guru on youtube and anyone educated in this art world of fashion way more then i do. again i do NO research. what i do for fun is i go on google.com and i write down like red lipstick and then i just look at the different shades. and i do that adding new colors just with different parts of the face to see what looks are fun same thing with fashion. i know your supposed to use a fashion magazine. but i get bored or i have problems reading since even though magazines are a ton of picture with words. i have a hard time reading anything so i just look at pictures. this is rare for me to do but i do it occasionally. i still know close to nothing about the beauty world or names and definition. i have no education which i tell you so often about anything in general. i am not sharing knowledge with anyone. in the end i am just talking to myself. but that is ok because it makes me feel like i am being heard or just to show my interest towards others. i am not expecting a relationship in return. now i realize in this video that your eyelashes are a social type you buy and it si not from the mascara. or you don't explain in your video why you make your selections. you do have th list of items you bought and used for the video with little pixs of brand names for people to look up if they are interested in copying your look or at least getting some ideas on how to pursue this material. i think you do know that many of your viewers watch your videos for pure entertainment purposes rather then to learn anything in general. though again your all about the profits. just kidding. i am sure you love what you do as a job.


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