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ABC take care: play games take care of baby goes to the bathroom | children’s video | how to take care of baby games

You will love this children’s game, where you need to take care.
Get ready, today you are expecting a plague day with newborn babies and mischievous twins, as well as pets. The first days of working as a nanny. Taking care of babies takes a lot of effort! Let’s hope these kids like you. You will certainly enjoy your new occupation. Feed them, play with them and bathe in the bath. In this fun video game for kids, much more is waiting for you!

😄 Children need a super nanny. Let’s see if you have the skills to complete the task. You must take care of them and do everything in your power to make them happy. But don’t worry – it’s difficult, but extremely fun, to take care of children! Enjoy this amazing colorful video game for kids and become a professional nanny.
Nanny – childcare video for children, a game for babies and children aged 2 to 13, suitable for the whole family

👧 This is a cute, charming and sensitive cat who loves to eat delicious food, take selfies, visit friends and dance. Have fun in your home and discover all the secrets of your pet’s life. It will surely surprise you. Explore a vibrant world with a variety of exciting adventures.
Caring for children – fun games
Children’s games are always interesting for your children.
The game for children is child care

💩 The children’s game “Taking care of a child and a pet” will certainly attract little worries, because this wonderful boy will not leave anyone indifferent. In this game, the girls will feel like a real mother and take care of a child. Boys will also enjoy this game, because they can play with the baby if they look at it from the side. In a children’s game, you need to take care of a baby who doesn’t let anyone get bored. The child needs to be fed, bathed, played with, put to bed. And exactly what he wants at the moment, the warnings will appear, so that the child quickly understands what the baby needs. The game has colorful images, funny music, many different accessories that will help to entertain and delight a little restlessness. The children’s game will help in the development of skills such as responsibility, kindness and caring.

😍 Caution: Children and animals love toys! Amuse them with a bubble toy, a rattle or a cute dog and many other toys when changing a diaper. Don’t forget to choose a cute pacifier and feed the baby!

• Games room: have fun jumping with the ball, playing with the train and skating on the ice. Creative minds can create various forms of origami.
Doctor: Can you recognize the symptoms of the most common childhood illnesses? Use balm, syrup and a tissue to get rid of an irritating skin rash.
• Puzzle: Solve logical puzzles to train your brain. Find the missing pieces, match the puzzle blocks, play a memory game or fill in the grid.
• Change clothes: get ready for a slumber party. Get colorful socks, stylish accessories and comfortable pajamas to make the outfit look cool.
• Food: Make crispy cereals with milk or fruit tea. Make toast with chocolate, butter, jam or honey and add kiwi, apple, strawberry or banana.

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