Pennywise Makeup Tutorial – IT Movie (Improved!)

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New and improved! Here’s a tutorial on how I transform myself into Pennywise in most of my videos. If you are planning to be Pennywise’ this halloween, I hope this helps!

IT Chapter 2 in PH cinemas, September 4, 2019
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  1. Hello everyone if you failed making this I managed to make this exactly how it looks like but probably I will start making reviews and the makeup to be one ok here is some stuff I did to improve my version incredible .
    1:make sure you have a wig or just watch the diy videos.
    2:make sure you had extra layers of white makeup and red. add cracked textures to the forehead just get those cheap sticker cracks.
    4 last: on my videos I will show a diy soon on how to make a pennywise costume ok so do a good job and hopefully you succeed on this ok.👍🤪😄


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