Get the Look: VS Fantasies


How do you create a fantasy? Start with smoky, shimmering eyes and a perfect, glistening pout. VS Makeup Pro Jenna Anton shows you how to get the look that …


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  4. Virginia Bushnell · Edit

    A good alternative to that nude color is Jeffree Star’s lip liner in Doll Parts. I’ve been looking for that color with a similar formula ever since VS discontinued it, thank god for Jeffree.

  5. MakeupByAGoddess · Edit

    I wish you guys still made makeup, i'm glad you guys came back with wonderful lipsticks but I really miss the whole collection. Your graphic liners was the best pen eyeliner I have ever owned!

  6. I love this look but the makeup artist really annoys me. especially when she talks about certain products. For example: talking about the concealer palette she turns to the camera does this annoying smile and does that hand gesture. and then again when talking about the mascara they way she says "They have it".


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