Extended Highlights: Roger Federer v Dominic Thiem | Indian Wells 2019 Final


Tennis highlights from the first Masters 1000 final of 2019…Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: …


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  1. vijayadevi shanmugam · Edit

    Two of my favourite tennis players ever..❤️ Roger is Genuinely happy for Thiem❤️…one of the greatest match… I could see only genuine sportsmanship not a little bit of Rivalry…👍

  2. Federer is a joke. Thiem please destroy Roger Federer everytime you meet him. Federer should retire and be known as great as Sampras.

  3. Thiem’s backhand up the line and his inside out forehand are some of the best on the tour. This match was when I believed he could win a slam. He took the next step. I know he made the RG final in 2018 but I never believed he could win.

  4. You can really tell how Thiem has an advantage over Federer because of how much power Thiem has and that Roger has slowed down a little due to his old age (Djokovic fans don’t you go bitching in the comments)

  5. Isn't annoying when comments focus on the loser on this game, rather on how good Thiem played?? What's wrong with those people?


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