Evolution of AVATAR Games 2006 – 2014 | All Platform(s) / Devices


Evolution of AVATAR Games 2006 – 2014 | 1080p60fps(HD)

Game Series:

– 2006 –
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2006/2007)

– 2007 –
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

– 2008 –
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into the Inferno
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Path of Zuko

– 2010 –
The Last Airbender

– 2011 –
Nicktoons MLB

– 2014 –
The Legend of Kora

– Unknown –
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Bobble Battles
Avatar: The Last Airbender TV Game

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  1. Company THQ has announced that it is going to remake a lot of their older licensed games by Nintendo. Which means that there will be an official Avatar game coming soon.

  2. Gameboy NESStar · Edit

    Nickelodeon Should make an Avatar Game in the Style of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot; it should let you playthrough the entire series from Aang awakening from his Icy Prison, all the way to Defeating the Fire Lord

  3. javi with games & movies · Edit

    I couldn't see the 3 games I used to play so I'm going to describe them to see if someone can relate.

    The first one was this wii game where you started at the ice continent and where attacked by zuko (the normal story), but if you've played it you can distinguish it by a mission you had to do where you replicate a symbol using your wii controller to draw it. You also had this mecha robot you had to defeat early on, controlled by a human.

    The second one was on a nintendo. It looked like the zuko game in the video. The characters were mini and you had to solve puzzles by moving blocks and using your elements etc.

    The third one I don't even remember that well. I'm pretty sure it was on the ps2 and it was actually pretty realistic as I remember. The only scene I can remember was a scene where you had to destroy either a factory or a train. Afterwards you got into contact with Azula on the riding train or something. It was pretty open worlded I think.

    Well the memories.. 🙂

  4. Here me out: An avatar game where it’s a mmo open world online rpg. You can choose your element on creating a character and have a 300 percent chance of getting the avatar upon making it. There’ll be sub bending and you can learn and master them all. The best part is that it’s your own adventure completely different from any other and NO micro transactions.

  5. Imagine an ATLA like Skyrim. Create and costumize your own avatar, chose his main bending and "nacionality", upgrading bending abilities, descovering cities, fight against different creatures, buy/build your own house. Omg it would be just an amazing dream 🙁

  6. They would make so much money if they made a decent open world Avatar game on PS5, similar to infamous or Ghost of Tsushima where you toggle between bending styles.

  7. Imagine an avatar game with the movement and combat direction of Naruto to Boruto: shinobi strikers, but you make your own bender in 4 v 4/ 2 v2/ or 1 v 1 game modes. Different types of moves and bending styles for each element. The moves can be the main elements or subset types like lighting, combustion, lava, metal, blood, and flying for airbenders

  8. I'd love an Avatar game that had the elements of Assassin's Creed's freerunning, GTA's open world detail and characters, and Infamous' superpower combat!


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